Shard – TR Event


With the Helvettians plans thwarted in the South they retreat to their other territories to lick their wounds and amend their plans.  In the south of Brindle, undead forces mass against the border under the leadership of the fallen Anglan Warrior: Garrick.

Dalcimeer again calls for aid. Travel to the seat of mainland elven power and meet with their leader Kalia Nesquidar. The enemy has changed, but heroes are now needed more than ever as their mission takes them further north in search of an ancient relic that may put the dead to rest.

The first TR Event of 2018 will be held at the Wilderness Centre. The site has full indoor accommodations in well appointed bunk rooms. There are showers and toilets. All main meals will be provided as part of your ticket price.

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We will be looking for up to 20 players and 25 crew.

Early Payment discount ends November 2017

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