Second Son

Following on from Domination, the free lands of Tempress have decided that however bad the Emperor of Helvettia may seem he has a limited time for the world. His first son and inheritor would be a reasonable and pliable leader of peace - but the second son.... loved by the army, a skilled warrior with an eye on power. He could be a threat far worse than even his father.

Join us in the Elven colony Dalcimeer, where the conspiritors and rebels plot to pry loose the fingers of the iron first of Helvettias Empire before it crushes the free lands of Tempress.

28th - 30th October 2016
The Wilderness Centre, Mitcheldean

To make this event viable we need 15 players 10 crew and 2 refs minimum.

The basic player price will be £90, he crew price will be £40 and the Ref price will be £90.

However we can (and will) accept up to 25 players and 15 crew. For each.

BUT we have a number of ways for you to reduce your ticket price. The minimum player ticket price will be £60.

If you pay is in full before the end of May we will reduce your ticket price by £20 to £70

If you bring a new person to the game as a player and they quote your name when booking we will reduce your ticket price by £5 for each person. Offer to existing players only.

If you have never played at TR before, player price is £70

If we book more than 16 players, we will reduce the price of the ticket for each person that paid before the end of May by £5 for each player over number 16.

Reductions can be claimed as a refund after the event or as a discount of the next event in Aprilish next year.

June is the point of no return. Deposits are non refundable after this point.

Player Ticket


Player Deposit

Crew Ticket

Finally if you want to support the game and feel like you can throw a bit of extra money at it, just go to and type in the amount you would like to pay.

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