A Background to the Lands of Tempress


From the beginning

The known world is named Tempress after the goddess that created it. Tempress was herself
something of a Rebel among gods, favouring self control of mortals to lead them down the path
of either growth or destruction.
Tempress stole the Genai, a stone of creation from The One God, the first and most powerful of
the celestial beings and fled with it to a dark corner of the universe. There she used the stone to
craft her own world. It was in many ways similar to the worlds she had already seen under the
control of the other gods with similar races – Elves first, then dwarves and humans. As was her
will, she watched from the darkness of space as they found their way alone in this new land.
The One God however, was furious at the betrayal of Tempress. He dispatched seven other gods
to hunt her down and retrieve the Genai and for a thousand years they searched for her.
The Fall of Tempress
The Seven eventually found Tempress but she did not come quietly and the gods fought
viciously. Tempress had grown powerful with sole use of the Genai and was easily a match for
The Seven. For a time it looked as if she might win. Down in the world below the sky lit in bright
flashes as the battle waged on and men became aware for the first time that they were not alone.
Tempress recklessly used the Genai stone against the seven drawing it's full power to rip Skor,
the leader of the seven, in half. Skor's lifeless body fell from the sky impacting in a shower of
burning land and magma that tore open great rifts to the void allowing dark things into the land.
The Genai, rocked by the force with which it had been used shattered into a thousand pieces,
burning Tempress and causing her to fall into the world after Skor. The Shards of the Genai fell
with her spreading across the land.
It was believed by the six that she was dead.
Age of the Avatars
The six, were quick to move on the chaos that Tempress has unleashed. They were unable to
walk the world themselves for it had been forbidden by The One God, but they were able to send
spirits, aspects of themselves into the world with the power to possess and control mortal beings.
These spirits when occupying a mortal became known as Avatars, extensions of their deities will
in the mortal world. They spread knowledge of the gods among mortals, promoting worship and
then rewarding them with power.
The Avatars set about sealing the rifts that acted as a door to the void and were mostly
successful. Many dark things had already roamed free by this point however. Orcs were born in
the north, some of the beautiful creatures that had been created by the hand of Tempress
became twisted, hiding in the shadows and preying on weaker flesh.
Even the Avatars were not immune to corruption with many of them being worshipped as gods.
It was the worst of the Avatars who took the title of Peacemaker and started a war that was meant to destroy all life. He was finally defeated and imprisoned.
By now The Six were able to govern the land with worship and had less need for the Avatars.
Many of the Avatars were called back or killed and the people of Tempress knew peace. For a
The War of Divinity
During the War of the Gods the Genai was shattered and fell across the land. Where the largest
pieces hit, the ground was imbued with arcane energy. An impact point like this, also known as a
Nexus, is a focus of Arcane energy and this energy can travel between the Nexus points in a ley
At some point after the Age of the Avatars mortals learned to harness this arcane energy and
bend it to their own will. These people, became spellcasters. Wizards, witches, necromancers and
their like. Able to harness residual arcane energy from the Genai for their own purposes.
Priests were also able to use magical power – but they felt that they answered to the gods for
their power. If they were unworthy or irresponsible the gods could take their power away – not
so for the spellcasters. They could use their power without restriction and this... led to war.
The War of Divinity was one of the worst conflicts that ever took place. Cities were destroyed,
the entire country of Anglan was sucked into the void – the death toll was phenominal.
And there was to be no winner. After decades of conflict the war ended in a stalemate of
exhaustion. The land had been drained, along with the hopes and wills of the peoples of the lands
of Tempress.
All the countries closed their borders. For years the countries remained isolated.
Division of the Elves
It was at the initiative of the elves of Nadarr and Dalcimeer that people began to cooperate
again. A Trade summit was announced and every country sent representatives. Considered a
success it was hoped that a new age would be ushered in. The Orcs waged war in the North but
the shields of Helvettia held them back as they always did.
No one outside of Dalcimeer and Nadarr knew the true reasons for what happened next. King
Myloch of Nadarr and the then Viceroy Kalia of Dalcimeer would tell different stories. The Elven
lands split. The pure blood of Nadarr called the Dalcimeer Elves corrupted, while the Dalcimeer
Elves called the Nadarr Elves....other names. Viceroy Kalia became Queen Kalia the ruler of a
separate land, no longer the colony of Nadarr.
The tension still remains.
War from the North
The Orc threat from the Wild Lands reached new heights with the emergence of the Orc King. A
powerful and intelligent creature, he would unite the Orc clans of the Wild Lands and lead them
in an ever more aggressive war on Helvettia, then on sea against Chevel and Nadarr.
For a while the Orcs were poised to take the civilised lands. The head was cut from the snake as

it were, when the Helivettians finally captured and Killed the King and the tribes were once again divided and weak.

The Expansion of Helvettia
It was several years later that Helvettia made the surpising move to take control of their
neighbouring lands. The majority of countries had long talked of how Brindle was ruled over by
Vampires. Monsters.
Helvettia moved on Brindle and in one stroke also took control of Kahazara – with its unstable
government, and Equil – a den of thieves. Helvettia – after years of fighting the Orcs were an
unstoppable war machine. Kahzara fell quickly, Equil handed over the reins of power, and
Brindle..... Brindle was all but destroyed along with the ruling vampires.
The Helvettians were unbeatable, their Emperor – not born to the throne but a soldier who
fought in the Wild Lands and who rose quickly to power, was an indomitable force to be
reckoned with – yet his moves were always motivated by reason. He had cause to invade the
unruly countries of Kahzara, Equil and Brindle – the other countries offered no reason for
invasion so were left to their own devices.
The Helvettian Emperor now lies dead having choked at a banquet. He leaves behind him his
sons and heirs. The eldest son, Tiberius, is heir. He is a diplomat, and a hand of moderation.
Brittanicus, the second son and second in line..... he is a soldier. He is aggressive, loved by the
soldiers, loved by the people and far more prone to impulsive behaviour.
The Lands of Tempress
These are brief summaries. Each of the countries is usually ruled by a player character if you
wish to know more we can put you in direct contact with the appropriate person.
  • Theme/Inspiration: Goths, and Gothic influences
  • Current Ruler: None – Controlled by Helvettia
  • History: Brindle was a dark land filled with shadows and dark things. It was ruled over by several councils and then by a family of Vampires. They fed of their people like cattle. The land is ruled by Helvettia now. The Vampires are all Dead. What future does it's people have? Brindle is now mostly used for farming to feed the Helvettian war machine. It is heavilygarrisoned with a new large scale prison under construction.
  • Current Status: A shadow of its former self. Until total control of Helvettia
  • Theme/Inspiration: Celts
  • Current Ruler: The King of Chevel/Unknown
  • History: Celts, horsemen and Sailors, the people of Chevel have had the luxury of an island of their own giving themselves heavy protection from much of the conflict that hashit the mainland. Nonetheless they are a brave people and have never held back from sending representatives of their Land when there is a larger crisis. Chevel have long claimed control of the sea, asking other lands to agree to their policy, “If you are on the sea, and you can’t see land. Chevel owns it.”
  • Current Status: Self-governing.
  • Theme/Inspiration: Elves
  • Current Ruler: Queen Kalia Nesquidar
  • History: Dalcimeer was originally a colony of Elves that settled a heavily wooded valley on the mainland. Ruled over by and elected leader but ultimately still under the rulership of Nadarr they eventually broke with the homeland and became an independent country.While haughty, they have been involved in many of the conflicts that have occurred over the years and involved themselves in human politics.
  • Current Status: Independent of the Elven land of Nadarr and a free “ally” of Helvettia
  • Theme/Inspiration: Medieval, rogues
  • Current Ruler: Former: Citizen Kaine now controlled by Helvettia
  • History: At the Trade summit Equil set its policies clearly, “If you have commited a crime in any country, come to Equil. Pay the immunity tax, and we shall protect you.” Equil has a conflicting history with immigrants from other lands, and is often seen as a criminal populace.
  • Current Status: Self-governing under the control of Helvettia. Occupied. There are some vocal elements of Equils society who speak out publicly against Helvettian control
  • Theme/Inspiration: Roman/Greek
  • Current Ruler: About to declare new ruler
  • History: A strong fist since the early days, Helvattia has long been the military might that separated the dark from the civilised lands. They have been at the centre of many of thefights against evil that have threatened Tempress over the years. However their powerhas led to corruption and while still talking strong words of the work they do in the nameof good, they have an outpost near you, they are ready to protect you and your land – regardless of whether you want their protection and only a fool talks loudly against the Empire.  Helvettia has without a doubt the strongest land force of any country in Tempress. None dare to face them in open battle and win. They are however weak at sea and rely on the ships of other lands in this area.
  • Current Status: An Empire controlling the lands of Helvettia, Kahzarah, Brindle, Equil and a Portion of the Wild Lands
  • Theme/Inspiration: Egyptian/Arabic/Atlantean
  • Current Ruler: None – Controlled by Helvettia
  • History: Kahzara introduced themselves at the trade summit as “Ruled over by a councillor who is also head of the assassin’s guild.” Setting people on edge from the start, he was quickly assassinated. The King was kidnapped and the youth of the country rebelled against their corrupt government, killing everyone over 30. Later a peace was made with refugees who fled the age cull and a new Prime Minister was elected. He was quickly overthrown. Helvettia saw this constant change of government as theatening.
  • Current Status: Under control of Helvettia
  • Theme/Inspiration: Pirates and “Sea Traders”
  • Current Ruler: Unknown
  • History: The Isle O'Talag is a hiden location far to the south of the mainland. The Pirates of Talag harass innocents on both sea and land, and may appear to be your ally, but mayalso have their hand in your pocket at the same time.
  • Rumours are abound that the different factions of this community have found a common cause and now unite.
  • Current Status: Unknown
  • Theme/Inspiration: Elves
  • History: Nadarr is home of the Elves and according to their history the home of the first life on Tempress. King Myloch is loved by his own people, but not by the Elves of themainland. He remains steadfast in his belief that these elves have simply been corrupted by humans and less moral elves.
  • Current Status: Independent
  • Theme/Inspiration: Barbarians
  • History: The country with the wall. During the War of Divinity, the people of Pillai built a huge wall all around the border of their land. Rarely have people from outside been allowed in. While many inside the walls are still barbaric, their leadership have tried to civilize recently to be brought in line with the more “advanced” lands.
  • Current Status: Independent
The Wild Lands
  • Theme/Inspiration: Orcs
  • History: War. That is what happens in the wilds. The Orcs fight Helvettia, the Orcs fight the Orcs - and the Orcs fight the west. A tribal land divided since the loss of their king, many Orcs have been taken to fight in the Arenas of Helvettia.
  • Current Status: Partially controlled by Helvettia – many areas still wild and uncharted
The Six
Dariss: The God of War
Garr: The God of Death
Peridot: God of Knowledge
Alaie: The God of Nature
Sarnodyx: The God of Luck
Imogen: The God of Love/Growth

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